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Sunrise Spas S103 LS
6 Person, 51 Jet
Canadian Hot Tub with Extras


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S103 LS Hot Tub Cabinet Colour Options

Features and Options

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About this Hot Tub

The Canadian Sunrise S103 LS is a 6 seat hot tub powered by two 2.2Kw dual speed jet pumps and a circulation pump.

The 51 two tone hydrotherapy and Air-X jets are strategically situated throughout the lounge and bucket seats to provide a soothing massage sensation over your shoulders, back, calves and feet. The SunLite LED lighting effect illuminates selected jets and deck controls, while the Bluetooth MP3 audio system plays your favourite songs - 4 speaker surround sound system with sub woofer, offering quality music in your hot tub. A combined effect for a pleasing hot tub experience.

  • Galvanized SureSteel Frame
  • Insulated Bottom Tray
  • Manifold Plumbing System
  • Triple Seal Protection
  • Polysteel Cabinetry with 12" Deluxe Corners
  • Layered ROXUL® Insulation

About the Air-X jets on this hot tub...

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These hot tubs are designed and manufactured in Canada, for the harshest winters and hot, hot summers. For the UK, they are simply superb !

The Canadian Sunrise S103 LS is of similar size and layout to the Meridian hot tub with lots of additional features - the 24 hour filter pump constantly filters the spa water removing particles with the powerful Ozone unit, killing 99% of bacteria and viruses, destroying and oxidizing organics and cosmetics to the air, leaving the water pure and not requiring harsh chemicals like chlorine (also see Lotus Fresh non-Chlorine hot tub cleaning).

LED illuminated water fall, main underwater light, Glo-jet on some models, some controls and exterior cabinet.

4 speaker surround sound audio, blue tooth and subwoofer - 4 speaker surround sound system with sub woofer, offering quality music in your hot tub.

Balboa control electronics, strong and economic heater with ROXUL 4 side cabinet insulation, very important for heat retention in the spa cabinet, 13 x 8 cm cover 20% thicker than most spa covers.

The spa frame is Everlast - Galvanised suresteel support structural frame, lighter and many times stronger than cheaper wood framed spas, wood may only last 5 or so years - steel lasts much longer.

With Polysteel exterior cabinet and capped bottom floor liner, your spa is sealed from the severe outside elements of even Canada's weather - so no problem for the UK !

The price of the Canadian Sunrise S103 LS hot tub includes delivery within 100 miles of Poole (with free clear access).

We stock Canadian Sunrise S103 LS in sterling silver marble shell and grey cabinet.


Seating 6 person hot tub with lounge
Dimensions 86" x 86" x 36"
218cm x 218cm x 92cm
Water Capacity 1,231 Litres/325 US Gallons
Jets 51 Two Tone Stainless
Filtration 6.98m2 System
Heater 3Kw
Jet Pumps Two 2.2Kw Dual Speed
Electronic Controls Balboa Push Button
Dry Weight 767 lbs / 348 kg
Thermal Cover 13cm x 8cm Tapered
Cabinet Polysteel Cabinetry with Deluxe Corners
Structure Steel Frame with Insulated Bottom Tray
Insulation Layered ROXUL® Insulation
Circulation Pump Standard
Air-X Seat Standard
Multi-Colour LED Main Light & Perimeter Lighting Standard
LED Illuminated Waterfall & Deck Controls Standard
Sunlite LED Glo Jet Lighting Optional
Bluetooth/MP3 Audio System Standard
LED Corner Cabinet Lighting Standard
Factory Installed Ozonator Standard
03/UV Sanitizing System Optional
BWA WiFi Module Optional
Heated Air Blower w/ Aromatherapy Optional
VacuSeal Cover and Lifter Upgrade Optional
Dockless Bluetooth Audio Upgrade Optional



  • 51 Two-Tone Stainless Jets
  • Two-Tone Air Controls
  • LED Illuminated Waterfall & Deck Controls
  • LED Multi-Colour Main Light & Perimeter Lighting
  • Optional Sunlite LED Glo Jet Lighting
  • LED lighting on selected jets & controls only
  • LED Exterior Cabinet Corner Lighting
  • Factory Installed Ozonator
  • 3 Headrests
  • 4 Speaker Bluetooth/MP3 Audio System
  • Air-X Seat
  • 13cm x 8cm Tapered Thermal Cover


  • Balboa Push Button Display (Touch Screen Electronic Control optional)
  • Two 2.2Kw Dual Speed Pumps
  • Circulation Pump
  • 3Kw Heating System
  • 6.98m2 Filtration System


  • Insulated Bottom Tray
  • Galvanized SureSteel Support Structure
  • Polysteel Cabinetry w/12” Deluxe Corners
  • GreenGuard Roxul Insulation


  • 03/UV Sanitizing System
  • BWA WiFi Module
  • Heated Air Blower with Aromatherapy
  • VacuSeal Cover & Lifter Upgrade
  • Dockless Bluetooth Audio System with Integrated Keypad Control
  • Acrylic Colour Upgrade

Why should you choose this Canadian Hot Tub ?

SBS Spas supply and install Home Hot Tubs made in Canada for harsh cold weather direct to you, so you can own a premium hot tub, made in the Canadian factory with Balboa electronics.

The build quality of Canadian hot tubs are very high and regarded as the quality leader in tough all weather spas, maximum insulation and wet weather durability more than durable enough for the UK temperate climate, engineered for long term ownership - double or more of the life of Far East built hot tubs.

Most other hot tubs come to the UK through large central warehouses and then regional dealers, all adding profit margins and £1000's to the cost of your hot tub. But we buy direct from the Canadian factory with all their factory technical support and warranty back up direct to our Southampton warehouse and then direct to your home, saving a lot of money on other imported USA and Canadian brands.

Sunrise Hot Tub Product Videos

Hot Tub Comparisons....

Sunrise hot tubs are built to very high standards in the Canadian factory to have zero service or warranty issues in the harsh Canadian climate, down to minus 30oC weather and where service agents can be 500 miles away from the hot tub !

The following brands and models are similar in specification. Sunrise are built to a higher standard than most USA built hot tubs and as factory direct usually a lower price for the same specification level...

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We deliver hot tubs to your area

All hot tubs are delivered from our SBS Spas warehouse in Eastleigh, Hampshire (SO50). Our delivery crews collect from the SBS warehouse and deliver to Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Somerset, Wiltshire, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Avon, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London, Essex and more ! Do contact us to find out more.

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