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At SBS spas we ask for customer feedback and comments in our Sunrise spas showroom, we are the Sunrise spas UK office for the Canadian factory, we encourage comments to improve how we offer the Sunrise product in the UK and to provide solutions to customers with specific uses or to solve previous problems from use of other spas or hot tubs they have owned from other brands.

Mr J from Bournemouth in Dorset
Sunrise Journey owner Oct 2017

When asked how his spa use and operation of the hot tub was working out, Mr J replied "Absolutely Brilliant"

Mr W from Christchurch in Dorset
Lotus fresh user from July 2017

"Bought our hot tub from SBS Spas, water is so clear using Lotus fresh, we have tried health spas at various clubs and health resorts but they always smell of chemicals or Chlorine, with Lotus fresh there is no odour and water is always clear, our friends who have hot tubs on Chlorine can't believe how clean and clear our spa water is using the Lotus fresh pure system."

Mr M from Exeter in Devon
13 year old Sunrise hot tub

Mr M has a 13 year old Sunrise hot tub, we helped him on a few running system issues, spa didn't require parts, just cleaning of filters and massage system water had an air lock through water change, I asked how the Sunrise spa was after 13 year, Mr M said; "It runs well is still going strong, easy to use and look after."

Mr R and Mrs R from Poole in Dorset
Sunrise S103 owner from September 2017
Lotus Fresh pure water user.

"Our Sunrise spa has given us a perfect space to unwind and relax. We both have back problems and the spa has made a huge difference. We wouldn't be with out it!"

Mr M from Fareham in Hampshire
Sunrise S103 owner from Dec 2017, Lotus fresh user

Mr M had a hot tub for 10 years previous running on Bromine, wanted a more pure water system. Had an issue with a company supplying a Chinese hot tub, they said from Holland. Mr M asked for CE certificate for Euro compliance, it arrived after months with Chinese factory details, so he cancelled the order, clearly it was not from Holland. He then purchased a Sunrise S103 from SBS Hot Tubs & Spas, and we provided the CE certificate from The Canadian factory before the order was placed. Mr M commented recently; "Jane and I are very pleased with our new hot tub - it is especially well insulated, being a Canadian product I guess it would have to be. Now that we have got used to it, with SBS Spas help, we are especially pleased with the clarity of the water using the Lotus fresh sanitizer."

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